Fuel Cells for your mission

SFC Energy offers robust energy solutions for task forces. Portable, mobile, stationary and vehicle-based applications provide power at any time of the year, day or night. SFC tactical solutions are MIL-STD tested and military hardened for use in field.


On-board power supply and
field-based charging station

The EMILY 3000 Fuel Cell is used as mobile and stationary power supply in and on vehicles. The on-board power supply is ensured by an EMILY 3000 even when the engine is switched off. Remote from the vehicle, it can supply applications such as radios, radar systems or recharge several batteries simultaneously.

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SFC JENNY 600S and 1200

Compact portable power generator

The JENNY 600S and 1200 portable fuel cell systems, weighing only 1.7 kg and 3.3 kg, are carried by the soldier in a backpack and provide power to all electrical equipment on a mission. With one JENNY fuel cell, up to 80% weight of batteries can be saved, with the same energy result.

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SFC Power Manager 3G

Portable and intelligent power distribution

The SFC Power Manager 3G enables simultaneous charging of different battery types as well as powering military loads. By using the Power Manager 3G, the soldier can utilize all available power sources in the field, including hybrid batteries, solar panels, vehicle power and fuel cells.

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Tactical Energy Solutions

As a system solution provider, SFC Energy offers complete solutions for various requirements.

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