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The Energy Demand and Supply Throughout India

How can such a challenging concept be addressed? Tackling this issue will involve evaluating several variables. First, why is the demand for energy throughout India increasing at a frenetic pace? How does the availability of sustainable energy sources come into play? Is India capable of capitalising upon the growing market for clean energy? Let's analyse these and similar issues in more detail.

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Converting Solar Energy to Hydrogen

Many readers may be surprised to learn that solar power was discovered as far back as 1839 by a scientist named Edmond Becquerel. Since this time, mankind has been refining this renewable source of energy in order to harness its numerous benefits. One of the most potent methods involves converting solar energy to hydrogen.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Working Principles

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional forms of energy storage. In fact, recent studies suggest that the global value of this industry is set to exceed $19.5 billion dollars by the year 2027. Why is this the case? Will hydrogen become a universally viable solution and if so, what bespoke advantages can it provide?

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The Practical Advantages of Fuel Cells

Most of us are already at least vaguely with fuel cell technology. After all, this is currently one of the fastest growing sectors within the energy industry. The irony is that fuel cells (at least in principle) can trace their history back to 1838 when the first unit was invented by a man named Sir William Grove. However, these devices served little practical use at the time.

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